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Saraswati Devi Temple

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Peruru Saraswati Devi Temple in Peruru Village of Medak Dist, Andhra Pradesh has ancient history . This temple is famous for the large Vibuthi shrine that is available near the temple. TV9 ran a story about the naturally available vibuthi found near the temple premises. This Vibuthi is believed to be very sacred and very pure. History dates back to 5250 years back where in Dwapara Yuga, a King named Parikshith ruled this particular area. King Parikshith feels humiliated after a muni by name Samikamahamuni who is in a deep meditation doesn't wish the king. So the king picks up a dead snake and ties it to the neck of Muni. Shrungi, Muni's son gets angered by this act and curses that the person who is responsible for this act will die in 7 days. Soon, King Parikshith dies in the hands of Takshak. So, to take revenge against his father's death, Janamejayudu performs Mahasarpayagam in 108 kundalis to kill Naga dynasty. This Mahasarpayagam was performed near by Peruru Village. Many snakes get killed during this yagam. In order to save the snake dynasty Vasuki pleads to Lord Brahma to save them. Lord Brahma says that if Ganga is sprinked on dead snakes, the dead snakes will come back to life. So, Garuthmanthudu goes to patalam and gets Ganga which is of name Bhogavathi. Since, this ganga is brought by Garuthmanthudu, this Ganga is called as " GARUDA GANGA ". Sri Saraswathi Devi statue is installed on the east side of this Garuda Ganga river. The temple premises has the idols of Sri Saraswati Devi and Nagadevatha.


The ashes of the yagam from 108 kundalis called as Vibuthi is considered to be available on the banks of Garuda Ganga River or Manjira River. This Vibuthi is very natural and considered to be very sacred. Vibuthi is available naturally from large vibuthi basin only at Peruru Village. This place has a history of about 5250 years.

People from all over visit Peruru to get this natural and precious vibuthi from the large vibuthi basin that is found only in Peruru. Pilgrims apply this rare vibuthi and seek the blessings of Sri Saraswathi Devi and Nagadevatha. Every Year the following programs are arranged in the temple under the management of the Temple Chairman Sri Dorbala Rajamouli Sharma

1. Garuda Nagapanchami ( Sravanam )
2. Sri Saraswatimatha Navaratrulu ( Ashwijam )
3. Sri Panchami, Vasanthapanchami ( Jathara , Magam )
4. Satsangs and Bhajans by Sri Sri Sri Sabarimatha pilgrims ( Palgunam )


Manjira Pushkaram or Garuda Ganga Pushkaram is being held for the first time in Peruru Village from 8th May 2011 - 19th May 2011. Any one who takes a holy dip in the vibuthi shrine and has darshan of Sri Saraswati Devi and Nagadevatha during this pushkaram is considered to be very lucky and divine. These Pushkarams are held for every 12 years in Peruru village and the following are next pushkaram dates


During the Pushkaram days ( 8th May 2011 - 19th May 2011 ) , lot of cultural activities are planned with the help of local and non local cultural artists.

Temple Chairman - Sri Dorbala Rajamouli Sharma - 94404 78808 , 08452 316556
Temple Manager - Sri Gunakara Sharma - 93920 11563


1. From Secunderabad Bus Station , JBS - Medak Bus ( Via Narsapur or Tupron ).

On reaching Medak, take a local bus to Peruru which travels via Mambojipalli and Macharam. It's a 1 and half hour journey from Secunderabad / Hyderabad

2. From Bidar - Take a bus to Medak which travels via Jaheerabad, Sangara, Jogipet, Medak
On reaching Medak, take a local bus to Peruru which travels via Mambojipalli and Macharam

3. From Maharashtra - Take a bus to Medak which travels via Kamareddy, Ramayampet, Medak
On reaching Medak, take a local bus to Peruru which travels via Mambojipalli and Macharam

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